WordGlory Translation Services - CSR


Even as a relatively small company at the present stage, we consider us as a responsible citizen of our community, of China and of the planet. We evaluate seriously the impact of each link of our working cycle and take even the slightest steps to minimize any negative effect. We’re committed to provide a free and comfortable working environment within the team, and try our best to make a difference to our community.

Green Office

All communications and work are carried out via internet and computer. We don’t print any content unless absolutely necessary.

Comfortable Working environment

We have strict regulations in place, in terms of ensuring confidentiality of clients’ information, etc. However, when it comes to provide humanized working environment to our people, we try to be as flexible as possible. We provide flexible working time and nurture an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, open communications and teamwork.

Volunteer and Donation

We volunteer in causes that are contributing to building a more civil and democratic China, and where we can put our language skills into good use.


We’re committed to helping vulnerable people in society. The founders of our team have reached an agreement to donate 5% of our annual profit to philanthropic projects of our option. Our most recent donation was to non-profit organization Wikipedia.