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Welcome to the website of an outstanding translation company – WordGlory Translation Services, expert in Asian Languages and a preferred vendor of giant language service providers (LSPs) such as Transperfect and RWS. Please see Client Testimonials for proof of our stellar services.


We're a company located in Shenzhen, a city adjoining Hongkong, in South China. We’re a group of people who take interest in languages, and take pride in being translators and PMs, bridging the east and the west. Right now, we have transited from handling only Chinese translation to all Asian languages. Details of our offers can be found on the Services page.


Your support is vital to our business. And we understand you are willing to support us only because we’re a reliable partner and we serve you well. To faciliate our services to you, we've complied basic knowledge about the languages we handle, as well as Asian culture and translation tips. So why not browse through our Blog first before reaching to us?


We’re Asian language experts trusted by top LSPs. Whenever you need to reach to Asian audiences, please come to us for language solutions, and you'll get the same quality services directly from us, but at a fraction of the cost.

To talk to one of our team members, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Or do you want to work with us? Please apply on the Career page. In addition to the benefit of working in a thriving team and career advancement with us, our CSR initiatives will make you feel proud to be one of us.

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Preferred by Top LSPs like Transperfect and RWS